Sent by Cathy Heidenreich on 08/14/2014 August 14th, 2014

Jack was a shining light to me, the artistically challenged. He not only gave me my first "artistic license", but also sparked within me the interest and later passion, enthusiasm and determination to pursue watercolors in spite of my many self-imposed artistic handicaps. I am so very grateful I had the opportunity to know him and study art under his expert tutelage, even for the short time I knew him. Not only was Jack a wonderful artist, teacher, and mentor he was also a epitome of a renaissance man, with wide interests, in art of course, in music, history, government, science, horticulture, birding, gardening, and other topics too numerous to name. These also he shared with us during the course of our art class, as easily as he did his perspectives of our particular work in progress. Jack had a dry and sometimes wry sense of humor, and a very evident, genuine concern for others. One of his favorite quotes he shared with our impromptu lunch time art class not too long ago, (which was often his want to do so) was one I had saved for my own from my high school french class, "In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." by Albert Camus. Jack, I am happy you found that invincible summer. And as for we who have yet to find that invincible summer, we will remember you with joy, while as previously advised, "Keep calm, and carry on." Cathy Heidenreich