judycone August 16th, 2014

I transferred out of a terrible calculus class at Cornell in 1983. Being past the "drop/add" deadline I persuaded my advisor got get me into some/any class. He talked to Jack and told me that if I could get a portfolio together and Jack approved, I could take the class. I drew all weekend long and was accepted that Monday. It was a "filler" class, but then Jack's magic took over. I loved that class and loved what he brought to it. I'd taken art classes for years, and thought I was pretty good, or at least OK. But Jack showed me other ways to see, and other ways to understand what I was seeing. Things from that class still come to mind and I still have many of the drawings I did then. They're still some of the best things I've ever done. Thank you, Jack. You made a difference! Judy Cone